A Mom Tribe

Why the name MomTribe?  Do you know what mamas of Indian Tribes did to protect their children from an invader when the men were out hunting?  They put the offspring in the middle and formed a circle around them with their bodies facing out toward the intruder.  Zebras do the same procedure.  They corral the babies in the middle of the herd and run wildly around them in order to protect them.  That’s us.  We are a band of ferocious moms corralling our kids from the ugliness of pornography.  Together.

The BARNA group published a report in 2016 called The Porn Phenomenon.  This 160 page book contains staggering statistics on the topic.   According to the report, one out three Americans seek out porn at least once a month.  The BARNA group discovered that age, gender, and faith practice are the three biggest factors in the frequency of porn use.

  • 72% of non practicing male Christians ages 13-24 regularly seek out porn.
  • 41% of male practicing Christians ages 13-24 seek out porn.
  • 36% of females,  ages 13-24 non practicing Christians, seek out porn
  • 13% of females ages 13-24 practicing Christians seek out porn.

Regardless of gender or religious preference  the age category for pornography interest is 13-24 years old!

My family wears ski helmets when we ski. We don’t plan on crashing into any trees but we wear them for prevention and you never know when a wild skier might collide into you.    That’s what a filtering system provides.  Protection.  It’s your first line of defense much like a ski helmet.   I recommend Covenant Eyes.  You can find them at www.covenanteyes.com . I was privileged to hear Ron DeHass, founder and CEO of Covenant Eyes speak recently.   Accountability within your family is huge and you can never underestimate the power of a trustworthy protection system.

Teach your kids while they are young.  Frederick Douglass says, “…It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

TIP- Download an accountability/filtering system.

By Amy in Category Pornography, Sex Education, Resources, Abstinence

7 thoughts on “A Mom Tribe

  1. Crystal Knoll says:

    As my boys are quickly approaching this critical age I am so grateful to you for providing valuable advice and tips I can use today to prepare my children for this journey as they learn to become more independent from me in the years to come.


  2. brynn says:

    Amy, thank you for launching this. I have been needing something just like this, as I feel I have not yet covered enough critical info to prepare my kiddos! Thanks for some encouragement!


  3. bewennen says:

    Amy, thanks for the work you are doing here. I definitely need to start covering more of this critical info with my kiddos so I am excited to read all that you know!!!


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