Tentacles and Sternum

tentacles and sternum picture

When my son was about 7 years old, he frantically called me in to the bathroom.  Thinking that he had peed all over the floor, I dashed to the bathroom.  He proudly proclaimed, “Mom, these are my tentacles and they make sternum.”  Trying not to laugh out loud, I corrected him, “No Son, those are your testicles and someday, they will make sperm.”  “Oh yeah”, he said, “that’s right, my sternum is this bone in my chest and silly me, octopus have tentacles.”  That was the end of that conversation.  When you take your child to the pediatrician, he will not call it “winkie” or “pee-pee” for penis, or “cha- cha” and “hoochie” for a vagina. Your children need to grow up informed not ignorant.  Use every opportunity to create a teachable moment.  My son’s restroom time became a teachable moment just like the bathtub moments.  Get candid and keep it simple.  Don’t be sorry if Aunt Ethel is offended because your children call their private organs their correct name even if your son blurts out over Thanksgiving dinner, “Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.”

Tip — Take advantage of teachable moments and opportunities.

Posted by Amy in Sex Education

4 thoughts on “Tentacles and Sternum

  1. Earen Clark says:

    That’s awesome! We too are all about using the correct terms, but I love these little stories where they are trying to hard to get it right!


  2. Jennifer Rutet says:

    Yes, this is really good to remember with littles. It does get easier with pratice. I really appreciate your insights!


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