How Does the Baby Get Out??


Thankfully, this is the first question kids usually ask which is much easier to answer than how the baby gets in!  Keep it short and simple.  Here is what I say…By God’s design (so unless you are an atheist, this works for everyone), Moms have a special hole between their legs called a vagina.  When the baby is ready, the baby comes out that hole.  While the baby is inside the mom, it lives in a special home called the uterus or womb.  Those are your words.  Whah La!  I preface almost everything with “By God’s Design”.  This is important for future conversations such as “How does that baby get in”? I wish I could say that those “by design” words are mine but they aren’t.  I stole them from a Mary Flo Ridley presentation (  You can steal them too!  She won’t mind.  I promise.   Next blog post: Where do babies come from…and it ain’t the stork!

TIP—  “By God’s Design”….start your answers with these words.

Posted by Amy in Sex Education

2 thoughts on “How Does the Baby Get Out??

  1. Crystal says:

    I love prefacing this with “by Gods design”. We often talk about many many things and how brilliant God was in His design. This is no different. ❤️


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