How Does the Baby Get IN?


Remember those magical little words “by God’s design”? Here is where they come in real handy.  Remember to keep it simple but always answer their questions.  You need your kids to believe that you are the expert because the alternative is that they think their friends are the experts.  Here is your conversation: “By God’s Design”, a seed deep inside the man called sperm and a seed deep inside the woman called egg come together when the time is right, and “by God’s design” a baby begins to grow inside a special place in the mother called a womb.  Now from here, this conversation can go down any number of tangents. For example, my son asked, “My friend Seth doesn’t have a daddy so where did that seed come from?   We live in a culture with a diversity of parents but that doesn’t change the fact that babies come from a male seed and a female seed.  Now where you take it from here is your choice.

I also want my kids to understand that babies are precious miracles.  I don’t think there are any accidental babies, but there may be a few accidental parents!  Your family make-up may be different and that is just fine too!  My sister has a friend who had “snowflake babies”.  The parents had some fertility troubles so they did in-vitro fertilization with embryos that were not biologically related to the parents.  The mom had several embryos placed in her womb.  Two of the embryos “took” and she gave birth to 2 babies at the same time who were not biologically related to each other or her and her husband! Try explaining that later!

TIP — Keep it scientific, truthful, and simple.

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2 thoughts on “How Does the Baby Get IN?

  1. ashleyziemer says:

    At what age do you think this type of detail should start? My son just turned 5 and asked how the baby gets in and out. Previously when he has asked, we told him God allows the baby to grow in a mommy’s tummy. That satisfies him before but recently he has been more inquisitive.


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