Swimsuits and Predation

Swimsuit Kids

Yup.  Swimsuits and predation in the same sentence.  Why? Because when your kiddos stick on their swimsuits, that is a perfect opportunity to remind them that nobody touches the body parts that their swimsuits cover.The Swimsuit Lesson is a fabulous book written by a Colorado police officer, Jon Holsten about sexual abuse on children.  In short, a mom calls her kids in for a lemonade break on a day when they are playing in the sprinklers. She explains to the kiddos that no one is allowed to touch them anywhere their swim suit covers their bodies.  With colorful water-color painted pictures, the mama guides her kids in conversation about perpetrators.  I highly recommend this book.  Grab one off Amazon. You can link to it off my resource page, or click the title above.  We teach our kids about holding hands across streets, but do you talk to them about sex offenders?  Remember,  1 in 3 girls is sexually abused before age 18. My children and your children are not immune. Perversion doesn’t lack creativity and the only person who benefits from ignorance is the perpetrator. Unfortunately the person most likely to abuse your child is someone you know because the perp is looking for children who will trust them and most kids are taught not to talk to strangers.  It is imperative that you are alert to your child’s relationships.  The back of the book has a parent’s guide to talking to your kids.  Please don’t be out of touch.  Our world is broken.  We don’t want your child to be another travesty.

TIP:  No one should touch boys or girls on parts of their body where their swim suit covers. Teach this to your kids. Often.

2 thoughts on “Swimsuits and Predation

  1. Karin says:

    One thing our pediatrician does before any examination is say that no one is allowed to touch their private parts without their permission. Then he explains what he would like to do as part of the exam, and ask my child’s permission. It’s great that the doctor reinforces this message.


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