Mom, Can I Play on Your Cell Phone??

Soccer kids texting

Soccer kids texting

You sick of hearing that?? Yeah, me too.  So I am doing something about it and for some really good reasons and logic. The largest group of pornography users are kids between ages 13-24.  (74% non practicing Christian males, and 41% practicing Christian males,)  That is a whole lot of young people using pornography. Do you know the average age kids are exposed? Between 8-11 years old! They aren’t looking at it on computers either…kids discover porn generally accidentally, on phones, tablets, kindles, IPads and other small devices.   If you are guilty like me, you give your phone to your kids when they need a distraction and you need a break. We give our phones to our kids when we are at an appointment and they are bored and are annoying us.  Consider this: Every time we hand our kids our phones/devices when they need a distraction or when they are bored, we are essentially training them to use a device to satisfy boredom, curiosity, distractions.  But here is some logic to consider….When/Why do you check Facebook?   I usually check it in the morning when I am drinking my coffee or on the can or at night when I need some downtime or during the day when I am bored or just plain curious about the social media world.  Know when people go looking for porn? When they are bored, curious, need some down time or need a distraction or outlet from life.   See the connection yet? We don’t want to train our kids to think that a device is a healthy way to settle boredom, distraction, curiosity especially when 4,000 porn images move through the internet every second.  So the next time your kid asks to play on your phone, tell him what your mom told you, “Go outside and play!”

TIP: Start training your kids that devices are not used to entertain us every time we are bored, tired, curious, or need a distraction.

*Statistics are from The Porn Phenomenon, Barna Group.

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