Does Dad Have Sperm?


My son asked me that question out of the blue while he was throwing a ball against the wall in our house.   Now I am totally comfortable talking about this sort of thing, but just because I am doesn’t mean we talk about it all the time, every day.  I said to my son, “Do you mean does dad have sperm right now?” He replied,”yes.”  Just then, the dog went crazy barking at a squirrel which distracted my son so I thought I was off the hook.  I am so glad that my boy is comfortable talking to me about sperm. Really I am.  We want to build relationships with our kids when they are little and weave these sexuality talks into normal life so that when they begin to have questions, they see mom and dad as experts and seek our advice over friends’. A few hours later, he brought it up in the car again.  This time my hubs was in the car too.  Brad said, “Once you get older, your testicles will make sperm all the time.” I was ready to dole out some more info but again my son was distracted by something out the window and the conversation was over.  If you can, answer your kids questions right when they ask them in simple, truthful, correct terms. What they need to catch, they will catch and the rest will go over their heads .We have some big conversations with our kids down the road like sex, pornography, homosexuality, gender diversity.  You have to lay the foundation so you can have these later conversations with your kids. Get comfortable talking about sperm!

TIP: Your kids need to see mom and dad as the experts in sexuality conversations. (If you are a single mom with an un-involved dad, then your kids need to see you as the expert!)  If the blind lead the blind, they will fall into a ditch.  The same goes with ignorant kids talking to ignorant kids about sexuality.

Posted by Amy in Sex Education

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