NO, You may Not Play on my Phone and Here is Why….


Here is a sample conversation you can have with your kids regarding cell phones/devices…”I don’t want you developing a habit thinking that my phone or your phone needs to be your entertainment or satisfy your boredom. There are a lot of people who are very distracted by their phones, Mommy included, but it is time that we think about other things to entertain us rather than a phone or device. Someday you will drive and I don’t want you to learn how not to be distracted by your phone.  Phones also have access to lots of pictures and information that your brain and eyes are not ready to be exposed to yet.   In fact, some of the pictures and information that can be accessed on a device can actually be harmful to your brain. Mom needs to teach you how to ‘bounce your eyes’ so that when you see something inappropriate or harmful to your brain and eyes, on a device, you quickly look away. For these reasons, we are taking a break from our devices.  I am going to remind you of this conversation every time you ask to play on my phone.”

I am getting responses left and right from readers whose kids are being exposed to pornography on devices, not just still pictures but videos of people having sex.  Kids are showing other kids at school, on play dates, even at the park.  You may be able to police them at home, but we are not with our kids 24/7 so teach them how to “bounce their eyes”, walk away, and then tell you about it later. If they are exposed by someone else, say to them, “I am sorry you were shown that. It is not your fault.  You should have not been exposed.”  Pray over their minds.   If your child hunts out the porn himself, that is a different conversation and I will address that in later posts.

It took 75 years for the television to reach 50 million users. It took Facebook 3.5  years to have 50 million users.  It took Angry Birds 35 days to have 50 million users.  (  Approximately 4,000 videos of porn cross the internet every  second .  100 million pages of porn are viewed every 24 hours! (#Set Free Summit)  Just some food for thought….

TIP: Teach your kids to “bounce their eyes.”

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