Talking Porn in the Car…

We are in thclipart-heart-clip_art_illustration_of_a_red_heart_with_a_white_swirl_0071-0904-2000-1163_SMUe car a lot these days traveling here and there to sports activities.  Talking with your kids in a car is the bomb!  They can’t go anywhere! So turn off devices, the in-car movie system, and the radio and get talking to your kids. Since you can’t have direct eye contact with your kids, it’s a great opportunity to talk about uncomfortable subjects like pornography or even their changing bodies and here is how you bring it up: Billboards. There are loads of racy billboards out there so use one to jump start the conversation.  Especially with daughters, get them thinking about the way they dress.  “Why do you think dressing provocatively can be dangerous?”  It’s crucial that you talk about sexual exploitation with your daughter and what that means.  Because of TV, movies, concerts, etc…girls fashion trends are less and less modest these days.   Many well-meaning mothers have been caught off guard by the gradual and progressive downturn of culture. (1) We become desensitized to what our girls are wearing and this begins to eliminate the shock factor. Let me give you an example: When the TV show Dancing With the Stars first aired, the costumes were fairly modest, but now several years into the show, the costumes are very racy.  The more you watch the show, the less you notice how racy the costumes become.  We become desensitized.  The same goes for foul language.  If you are not used to hearing it, then you really notice it in a movie, but if you always watch shows with rank language, then you stop hearing the cussing altogether.  Take opportunities to have these conversations especially with your girls.  Don’t make modestly about rules; make it about logic.  “Why would an advertisement use a beautiful model to sell a car?” Dialogue about why big chested girls are used to sell food?” (Because sex sells, but explain why to her.)  Your daughter’s body is a beautiful creation.  Give her loads and loads of confidence so that she learns to show off her heart and mind and not her body.

TIP: Talk, Talk, Talk, to your kids in the car!! Dialogue about the shock factor.

(1) Quote from the book Your Girl, by Vicki Courtney

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