Playing Doctor…in the Nude…


Several years ago I nonchalantly walked down to my basement playroom to check on my son who was playing with our next door neighbor.  To my surprise, I found the two boys completely naked with the toy doctor kit pieces flung around the floor.  Calmly, (but inside I was trying not to blow a gasket), I said, “What are you boys up to?” “We are playing doctor,” they innocently replied in unison.  Have you caught your kids playing naked games yet?  It’s probably going to happen so don’t freak out.  In fact, kids have a natural curiosity for their bodies, but that doesn’t make naked games appropriate play. I always start with logic and science when I explain things to my kids and then because we are people of faith, I tie in our faith convictions. So I proceeded with a candid conversation with the boys that went something like this: You know those doctor tools that you are playing with are not sanitary.  They have been on this basement carpet which isn’t clean either.  We need to keep our private parts clean so that your urethras don’t get an infection and cause a bladder infection. At that point, their eyes were big like flashlights, because they didn’t want no urethra infection!! Second, your private parts are private and when you have them out in the open for everyone to see, they are not so private anymore.  Even when you go to the doctor, they keep your parts covered with a little sheet. And when the doctor or nurse checks you out, your mom is always in the room too.  Finally, God made those parts of our bodies that our underwear cover up  exceptional and because they are so special we need to take extraordinary care of them. Our private organs are one of the ways boys and girls are uniquely different from each other.  We are not going to play any more games without clothes on.  Your underwear always has to stay on.  The doctor tools are going in the dishwasher and we are going to play upstairs where I can see you.  If you play in a bedroom, the door must remain open.  Then I called the mom next door, who happens to be a labor and delivery room nurse, and looks at private woman parts all night long, and we chatted about our boys’ inappropriate play.  Good communication is the key in these situations, both with kids and the other parent involved.  There’s no need to involve shame because the curiosity is natural.  Make it a teachable moment and then move on.  Remember the more modest you are in your home, the less likely they will be inclined to play inappropriate play.

TIP: Don’t blow a gasket if you catch your kiddos playing naked.  Just address it, teach them why it’s improper and move on.

Posted by Amy in Sex Education

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