Community and Perspective

IMG_2887Today I triumphantly summited a mountain over 14,000 feet high.  Here is Colorado, we call them “14ers”.  The view was amazing and the company fantastic!  My climbing partners included 2 neighbor moms and a daughter.  This was the daughter’s first  14er.  What struck me on this particular climb was the impact that community had on this sweet child.  Each mom took a turn encouraging and walking with this precious girl reminding her that she could in fact climb the mountain…that she was in great shape…and that the view from the top would definitely be worth it. We stopped so she could rest; we reminded her to eat and drink, and we enjoyed her fantastic smile when she reached the summit.  Community.  Every mom desperately needs a healthy community to raise her kids in.  Now I would bet that the moms in my hood might have a few disagreements about how we raise our kids, but on the big stuff, we definitely agree.  When the kids play at each other’s houses, we remind kids to use kind words, make prudent choices, have polite manners at the dinner table.  We have all put band-aids on each other’s kids, rewarded those who pooped in potties, wiped tears and noses, and even broke up a few fights.  We have had to confront one another, always in love and with kindness, when our kids blow it.  I remember when my son had a temper tantrum at my neighbor’s house and she put him time out and then sent him home.  He never had a temper tantrum at her house again. I am grateful for neighbors who help me raise my kids.  I am grateful for Godly moms who speak life and truth into my kid’s hearts.  I am grateful that as I climb this mountain of parenting that I have a mom tribe so that I am not alone.  Invest in community.  Find one or make your own.  Never underestimate the power of another mom in the life of your child.

Undeniably, the best part of the climb is the view from the top.  My neighbor filmed herself at the top for her kids screaming, “I am on top of the world!” The people making their way up the mountain look like ants and one can barely see the cars in the parking lot. The summit gave me a little perspective and reminded me that sometimes I focus too much on the little things in parenting and not enough on the big ones.  Perspective.  We all need perspective in  our parenting.  We are going to blow it as parents.  My kids did not come with instructions.  Did yours?  Some days, I tell them too much about life and other days, not enough.  I yell when I should whisper; I am sheepishly crass when I should be eloquent and some days I actually talk with food in my mouth!!  But I ferociously love my kids and I pray over them relentlessly.  I love the Bible because it reminds me of the bottom line in parenting: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love God and Love Others.  My favorite neighbors are the little ones in my house.  And on those days, when the mountain of parenting is too steep, remind yourself, that the view from the top is worth every step…every late night up with a crying infant….sleepless nights with sick kids….discipline after discipline…heart to heart talks….all of it is worth the joy of getting to raise these special, glorious, little people.

TIP:  Find a good community to raise your kids…. a church, neighborhood, or school.  Invest some time in the life of someone else’s child.  Don’t forget perspective on those hard days of parenting.

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