The Abstinence Olympics

ringsMy family is LOVING watching the Olympics!  In fact, we are staying up way to too late to watch it which is not great  back to school sleep prep.  We noticed that no matter what sport we are watching, all athletes have three characteristics in common: training, perseverance, goal setting. Whether it be a  maniac table tennis  (should be called ping pong!) player or the British golf star who got a hole in one, or the most decorated Olympian of all times, they all have worked endless hours training for their sport.  In an interview with Simone Biles, she talked about having to abstain from proms, home-coming, parties, activities in order to train.   But her perseverance paid off and she attained her goal of being the all-around gymnastic champion.  She has no regrets of her social abstinence.

In a recent conversation with a young mom, we discussed whether abstinence is a realistic goal for our kids in a world with such sexual promiscuity. We both agreed that as parents, we absolutely promote and teach abstinence and purity, but teaching it is a lot like training for an Olympic sport…it requires training…endless conversations with your kids at teachable moments even if those teachable moments are at 11 pm at night.  It requires perseverance on your part and your child’s….teaching discipline,self control, and limiting media  from the high chair and beyond.  Most importantly, it requires goal setting…..I want kids with a heart for the Lord and a Biblical world view; therefore my standard by which we measure everything is the Bible.  One of the best ways, you can train yourself as a parent is to find a mentor, some one who is ahead of you in the parenting Olympics and use them as a resource and counselor.  Find a like-minded mom who can remind you of the training your kids need to have for stages in life.  Some one who can encourage you to keep persevering even when you want to give up and let your kids play video games till their heads fall off.  Even though I am an educated sex education teacher, my mentor has helped me prepare how to talk to my daughter about periods, swim suits, modesty, and dating.  While I have the knowledge, she has the experience of raising a daughter to adulthood so together we can dialogue.

So do we set a goal of sexual abstinence for our kids based on the Scriptures?  Absolutely.  Could we train them toward that? Sure…but what if they fail?? And they just might.  Your kids and mine may have a moment of weakness and loose their purity, but that doesn’t mean we don’t train, persevere, or set a goal.  The Olympics is a great example of both:  those who succeed and those to fail.  But those who fail and still rise up are champions in my book too.  There is something so satisfying with winning, but loosing has some huge benefits too….you learn grace, mercy, and compassion.  So here is my conclusion:  Train your kids to win the abstinence Olympics, but if they fail, look at the failure as opportunity because after all….”Grace wins every time.”

TIP: Find a mentor.  Meet consistently.  Remember training, perseverance, goal setting.

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