Everything is Awesome When You’re Watching a Screen…

ringsHave you seen that commercial during the Olympics? Xfinity is trying to convince us that our lives will be awesome when we are watching a screen.  It’s a catchy little jingle too.  As I type this, I am grateful for a husband who is out in the backyard playing catch with my kids so they are not in front of a screen. I am grateful that I live in a neighborhood where moms text each other when they are headed to the pool so that any one’s kids can join.  Do know what is truly awesome??  Community and Family.  Not a screen.  Yes there is time for a movie here and there and video games, but when 80% of kids are exposed to porn in their own home from a screen, that is NOT awesome.  Have a conversation about screens and bad pictures with your kids.  Give them some ammunition for what to do when they see it.  There are lots of resources out there, but my favs are the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures and the web resource EducateEmpowerKids.  They have a website and books which you can check out off my resource page.  The bottom line is what are your kids going to do when they see porn?  By the way, it’s a “when” not “if”.  In our home, we tell our kids to name it if they see it and to say it out loud even if it sounds silly.  Just yesterday, my daughter was on her kindle and I asked her to show me where she had been.  I asked her if she had seen any bad pictures (if you have a filtering system like Covenant Eyes, they shouldn’t see any, but I always ask anyway). Then I asked her what she should do if she does see inappropriate  pictures.  She responded, “I say, this is pornography.  It is not ok.  Then I shut my device and I come and tell you right away.  I will not be in trouble.”  You develop a plan in your home that works for you.  The books I listed above have catchy pneumonic devices that you can steal or you can make up your own, but Have A PLAN.  Proper planning prevents poor performance.  And…… turn off the screen and spend time with your kids playing a game! Here is great video about a great resource!

Tip: Make a game plan for what to do when your kids are exposed to porn.

Visit http://educateempowerkids.org  to order the book!

Posted by Amy in Sex Education and Pornography


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