The Importance of Consistency

cropped-tulips.jpgThe average kids eats 21 meals a week plus snacks, but how much are we nourishing our children’s spirits?  Don’t you think we need a few spiritual meals a week too?  We are going to have some hard conversations with our kids in life.  We need to be making deposits into their “love tanks” so that when we need to make a few hard withdrawls, there is something in the tank.  How do we fill our kids tanks?  We fill their spiritual tanks by taking them church regularly.  Having devotional time with them.  Listening to quality music with lyrics that nurture the spirit. Our kids need to be involved in church too, whether it be youth group, volunteering in a Sunday school class, or going to Sunday school or just sitting with you in a service. Talk to your kids about the Lord regularly.  Pray with them and over them so they can hear you pray too.  Teach them to pray even if it means starting off with memorized prayers.  Make church and family time a priority.  Since we are beings that are more than just a body, we need to nourish our other components too.  We are made up of a spirit (that is the part that can commune with God),  but also a soul, which is our mind, our will, and our emotions.  Other posts have touched on the body and soul, but this post is designed to remind you of your child’s spirit.  I don’t remember every sermon or Bible study that I have completed, nor do I remember all the meals I have eaten.  Tragically, I can’t remember what I ate yesterday but I know my body received sustenance.  The same is for our kids.  Their spirits need filled and it doesn’t matter if they remember everything they learned, their spirits will have received nourishment.    It is never to late to start going to church, never too late to start reading to them from the Bible.  Consistency is modeled and taught.  Lay a foundation so that when you need to have a hard conversation on purity, or lying, or pornography, you have something in the tank.

TIP:  It’s time for some spiritual nourishment for your children.  Make time for it.

Posted by AMY in Abstinence and Sex Education

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