Bunny Hunting

bunnyIf you have a child ages 10-13, with a cell phone, then listen up!  There is a new heinous phenomenon that perverts and perpetrators are up to and it’s called Bunny Hunting.  I will just get right to it.  No need to beat around the bush or sugar coat this.  You need this information.  Kids who get cell phones at this age are generally unaware of the capabilities of their devices.  Often their devices, particularly phones, come with GPS systems already in place.  Since most kids are ignorant to perpetrators anyway, many don’t think about on-line perverts. Once kids get a phone, their next step is social media…instagram, facebook, pinterest , twitter…and all matters of online gaming and GPS gaming like PokemonGo.  Perps have figured out that these kids, called “bunnies”, are uninformed and ignorant to the ways of online perpetration so they find these new social media users  and start-up conversations or on-line games with them, often disguising themselves as the same age as the kids.   Slyly, they coerce  kids into telling them locations of schools or other places that the kids hang out.  Yup. You guessed it.  The perverts show up to those locations. So if your tween is on social media, and especially sharing their locations, then please have a conversation with them about  the danger of on-line perpetration.  Perversion does NOT lack creativity.  Several months ago I shared a story of a friend of mine, whose nearly had her daughter swiped at a local grocery store only three miles from my house and I live in one of the safest neighborhoods around.  So imagine how easy it is to find kids on-line and start a conversation.  As handy as our devices are, they can be tools for destruction as well.  Exercise wisdom and teach your kids that their device comes with major responsibility and then make sure they are ready for that responsibility.

TIP: Get informed about bunny hunting and then make sure your kids, who have fancy schmancy phones are aware of it too.

Posted by Amy in Pornography

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