Chivalry Is Not Dead….Yet

original-logos-2016-Apr-6009-570bf016c0995I had an awesome anatomy professor who told us on our first day of class how much money it would cost to make a human being from scratch.  We are made up of 10 body systems all perfectly fitted together to perform everything we need. Miraculously,  it all works together even when we are unconscious to the tune of over a trillion dollars and that’s just the ingredients, not including the cost to assemble!!  Human beings are priceless!  Moreover, a woman’s body is even more complicated as it was designed to grow and sustain another life.  Magnificently woven in a woman’s body, children are formed, nourished, and finally birthed.  Even then, a woman’s body has the capability to nourish her baby for months.  Without women, our population won’t increase.  The human race depends on women and yet, women are marginalized, objectified, and traded as if they were property.  Slavery is real.  Human trafficking is real. Exploitation is real. Some 20-30 million people worldwide are stuck in slavery including  the sexual slave trade.  Colorado ranks in the top 3 for the movement of trafficking.  In fact,  there was a bust of a sexual trafficking cell just two miles from the high school I taught at for years.  Once in the trafficking circle, the average life span is 7 years.  Woman die of STDS, suicide, and drug overdose.  Have a conversation with your teens on this issue maybe even middle schooler if appropriate. Tragically, this is the world ours kids are growing up in, a world of sexual profiteering—from pornography that is just a click away to sexual trafficking that may not be as far away as you think. Start raising sons that respect women.  On a practical side, don’t let brothers younger or older hit sisters, teach your son to open doors, carry groceries, work around the house, and talk respectfully to women–at the grocery store, neighbors, teachers, family members.  Bring back the Ms, and Mrs. when addressing female adults.   I went to Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming with some girlfriends this summer.  It’s an event full of rodeos, cowboys, Native American heritage dances, vendors, Thunderbirds, and all things COWBOY.  When we arrived at our hotel, my arms were full of my luggage; a cowboy in the parking lot quickly ran to the doorway and said, “Maam, let me get the door for you.” I responded with, “Thank you.  I guess chivalry is not dead.”  He said, “No, Maam, not if have anything to do with it.”   I am thankful for men like that…men who honor, respect, and treat women kindly  just for being women.  But I think it’s trained AND taught, NOT caught.  Train your sons while they are still young.  Don’t make chivalry dead in your home.

TIP: Take your high school kids to see the move Priceless.  It’s a movie about sex trafficking here in the US inspired by  real stories.  Then, use the movie to start some conversations with your kids.  Check out the National Center on Sexual Exploitation at

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