Scoutn’ out Puberty

original-logos-2016-Apr-6009-570bf016c0995Raising kids….It never really ends even after your kids leave home.  I have a friend with adult children who told me that and I found it refreshing actually.  That statement might sound like a burden to most, but I will be honored if my kids come to me as adults seeking our advice.  Your role changes from parent to coach as you raise your kids.  You can’t hold their hands all the way through high school and college, but you can impact them in such a way that they will come back home for counsel when they need it.  Developing that sort of relationship takes time in the younger years.  Putting down the remote control and playing with your kids in the back yard.  Inconveniently, stopping chores to sit and talk to your tween about her feelings on growing up and becoming a woman.  Making time to eat dinner together and saying no to your own personal social agenda to spend more time TALKING with your kids.  My daughter and I have our best conversations in the car and at bedtime.  We do a devotional that I highly recommend for moms and daughters called The One Year Mother Daughter Devo by Dannah Gresh with Janet Mylin.  We are on our third time through it and each year we have new conversations.  One of the devotions was about a girl’s changing body and since my daughter is 12, I started a conversation with her about menstruation.  I told her about when I started in the middle of Target. I told her silly and embarrassing stories about having periods and we laughed together.  We stuck mini-pads in her various bags so she could be prepared.  Finally, I told her I wanted to be the first to know when she started so we could celebrate God’s wonderful design for women.  And when it happened, she wasn’t scared, fearful or frightened.  She totally knew what was up and that gave her comfort and confidence.  Prepare your kids for what’s coming down the road in their development.  Don’t wait to explain a period once they have their first one.  Don’t wait to talk about pornography after they are exposed.  Joshua and Caleb scouted out the promised land before they went in.  Good coaches scout out other teams before they play them. Do the same with your kids.  Scout out puberty before they jump into it!

Period Information:  Girls usually start their periods about two years after they develop breast buds.  Usually, girls start shortly after they are 100 pounds.  They will have a white discharge leading up to the starting of their periods, as a mucous plug begins to fall out.  At first, they may not be able to tell the difference between period cramps and a typical stomach ache.  They may have a very light first period, but not always; there could even be blood clots.  Girls may not have another one for a couple of months.  Sporadic periods are common.  You ought to have a talk about sex shortly after the first period if you haven’t had any conversations about sex and pregnancy.

TIP:  Spend time with your kids at bedtime.  Read a devotional together.  Our other favorite is a real old one that my parents read to me and it happens to be my kids favorite (especially my son).  It’s called More Little Visits With God  by Allan Jahsmann.  It was printed in 1966 so the names are old school but most of them have made a come back!  We have had some of our best discussions as a result of this book.

By AMY in Sex Education

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