60 Seconds of Fun….

On November 18th, I rode the Manta roller coaster at Sea World, Orlando.  After a thrilling ride of hanging up side down, we pulled into the station..drool dripping down my chin…I looked over at my husband and gasped, “My back doesn’t feel right.”  My kids talked me into riding the coaster.  I had successfully rode two other coasters and was motion sickness free so I didn’t want to press my luck any further.  But they talked me into it.  It WAS a thrilling ride!  Your feet dangle off  the bottom of your seat and just before they launch you out into the atmosphere,  your coaster car is tilted so you are completely face down.  I have never been on a coaster like it and won’t ever try it again!  Twelve chiropractic appointments later,  X-ray,  a back brace, two physical therapy appointments with dry needling, many massages from my family, heating and icing therapy, exercises at home, and now a gym membership so I can get my core and back strong again….I am much better. I am so thankful to be able to  finally ski now, but I do have to forfeit playing volleyball for a bit. In fact, if I miss a day at the gym, the pain in my back reminds me that I must exercise in order to be pain-free.  I have a constant reminder of my costly coaster ride.  So my 60 seconds of fun ended in misery, loss of activity, loss of time, expensive Dr. visits, and no desire to ride a roller coaster ever again.  It was definitely not worth it!

However, I having been using this accident to teach my kids life lessons…..one nasty errant word  can have lasting effects. One 60 second angry fight can destroy a relationship.  Viewing pornography just a couple of times can lead to addiction, guilt, shame.  A short sexual relationship can have life-long consequences especially if you contract an STD.  One drive behind the wheel intoxicated can lead to irreversible trauma. A quick nude photo  texted to some one is guaranteed to wind up on a porn site ( I learned that from a friend who works for an organization that finds on-line perpetrators…how scary is that!)  And now recently, a three minute bullet tirade that left 17 innocent teens dead and at least 14 wounded.  Trauma can be created in seconds….and ignite a lifetime of wounds, scars, and pain.  Start talking to your kids about the choices they are making.  Remind them that in just 60 seconds…a life can drastically change. My daughter will enter high school soon.  We have been chatting about vaping, sex, pornography, drinking, smoking, drugs.  All of it.  Next time you are in the car, ask your kids what they know about vaping.  I like to ask my kids what their friends are doing. Who is dating who…its easier for kids to talk about their friends.  Then you can lead the conversation to talking about themselves.    Don’t wait for the school system or youth group leader  to teach your kids about vaping, drugs, and sex.  I have had several speaking engagements recently both to adults and students…kids are listening..they want information..Talk to them.  Help them prevent a 60 second activity that could lead to a lifetime of heartache.

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By Amy

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