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How prepared are you to talk to your kids about the dangers of pornography?  Are you comfortable teaching your children about how their bodies develop and their sexuality? When was the last time you talked to your munchkins about abstinence and purity?  Well, it’s TIME! I am sure you have noticed families falling apart at an alarming rate.  Don’t you think it’s time we taught our kids how to have healthy marriages?  It is possible, but it starts at home with Mom and Dad. And since kiddos tend to be around Mamas the most, it’s urgent that moms are equipped with the necessary dialogue tools to start these candid conversations with our kids. So, we are going to attack the subject of Pornography and how to teach our kids about the dangers of porn.  Did you know that the average child is exposed to porn (usually accidentally) between 8-11 years of age!! Alarming!  I am going to help you make that uncomfortable “Sex Talk” a little less uncomfortable by giving you bite size pieces for you to feed your little brood at each phase of their precious lives. Finally, I will encourage you to push Abstinence and Purity with your children because abstinence is the ONLY way to protect the heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit of your child.


I got into this business about talking about Sexuality about 25 years ago as a camp counselor.  A middle school girl started her period her week at camp. Frantically, she came to me, her counselor, crying because she thought she was dying.  No one had told this cherished child about her body development.  Thankfully, my doctor dad and nurse mom had no qualms chatting with me at every age of my life about my changing body. Of course I sat her down and told her about the beauty of becoming a woman.  That was the first of MANY conversations with kids about their body development.  As a veteran Biology teacher with over 20 years of teaching expertise in the private school, charter school sector and now in the home school world, I still teach kids and their parents regularly on this topic.  Married to my best friend Brad, we love to play with our two kids.  We ski, bike, hike, run, swim, fish, camp, play baseball, basketball, golf, and volleyball.  We love the outdoors and our Colorado home.

Let’s start the conversations,

Amy McLean

original-logos-2016-Apr-6009-570bf016c0995   ABOUT SPEAKING TO YOUR GROUP:

I have a fair amount of public speaking experience on this topic that include: school assemblies, individual school classrooms, church groups, Sunday school classes, MOPS groups, Mom’s coffees, Bible Study Groups, home school support groups, Etc. I have spoken to adult and kids of all ages and sizes and shapes!  You can contact me on this blog for questions on speaking to your group.  Because of the diversity and sensitivity of the topics (Pornography, Abstinence, Sexuality), we can tailor the talk for your specific group.  Generally, I speak free of charge but should your group like to do a “love offering”, that would be accepted and appreciated, but certainly not required or expected.


3 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Lindsay Caldwell says:

    Wow Amy! Fantastic blog. Such a timely message to share as so many parents feel unsure about how to communicate with their kiddos about such delicate topics. So thankful you were appointed “for such a time as this” to speak boldly about these things and help us Mamas give our kids tools to arm themselves in this battle. Praying for you -trusting the powerful Holy Spirit to continue to guide you in your venture all to the glory of God. ❤❤❤


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