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Pornography Education Resources

  • The book Good Pictures Bad Pictures, by Kristen A. Jenson M.A., is an excellent resource for teaching young children about pornography.  You read this book with your kids one section at a time, leaving room for discussion. Every parent should own this book.
  • Educate and Empower kids has two great books (and others) called How to Talk to Your Kids about Pornography and 30 Days of Sex Talks.
  • The book Sexual Sanity For Women which is published by  guides participants through the process of understanding why they struggle with destructive relational and sexual patterns and how the gospel brings change and a new way of living. This workbook is ideal for one-on-one mentoring, but also women’s groups, and college age student groups.
  • Beggars Daughter, written by Jessica Harris shares Jessica’s own struggle with lust and addiction.
  • Your Husband is Addicted to Porn, Healing After Betrayal is a short booklet written by Vicki Tiede is about healing after a heart broken by betrayal.
  • is a website full of information about the science of porn.  Their site talks about how porn affects the Brain, the Heart, and the World.

Child Safety Resources

  • The Swimsuit Lesson, by Jon Holsten, a retired police sergeant and child sex crimes investigator from Fort Collins, Colorado, is book about teaching your kids about sexual predators.  In short, the mom calls her kids in from playing in the sprinklers and tells them that no one should touch them on their bodies on the places where their swimsuit covers them.

Sex Education Resources

  • Simple Truths (A Simple, Natural Approach to Discussing Sex With Your Children) by Mary Flo Ridley.  This is a DVD you can purchase.  It’s short and sweet and my favorite take-away from it was the phrase “By God’s Design”. or
  • The Bare Facts (Sex, Love, and Relationships) by Josh McDowell is a DVD series for Teens, Parents, and Educators.  I highly recommend this candid video.  Josh is funny, interesting and definitely frank.  He discusses STDs, purity, oral sex, living together, virginity, and hormones just to name a few.
  • Aggressive Girls, Clueless Boys is a book written by Dennis Rainey.  This book is about 7 conversations to have with your teen son about brazen girls.  We have a culture where girls are in hot pursuit of our sons.  I find this upsetting.  Dennis Rainey guides you on teaching your son to set boundaries and pursue the right kind of girls.
  • GIrls Uncovered is a book that explains (using top notch research) what America’s Sexual Culture has done to young women.  Written by two obstetrician/gynecologists, the authors tell stories of young girls they have had as patients and how they are dealing with infertility, STD’s, teen motherhood, and how sex affects a girl’s brain.  It’s extremely eye-opening.
  • The Story of Me is book one of series about God’s Design for Sex.  This is a book you read with your kids when they are between 3-5 depending on their curiosity.  It talks about their bodies, proper names for private parts, the uniqueness of being a boy or girl.  It’s an introductory book about where babies come from.
  • Before I Was Born is book 2 of the series God’s Design for Sex.  It gives the basic facts about intercourse, presented in the context of marriage and intimacy.  It covers, breast feeding, childbirth, conception, fetal development.  They recommend reading it with your kids ages 5-8 depending on your family structure, child maturity and curiosity.
  • RTribe-online support and accountability
  • Enough is Enough-church programs for church small groups
  • Heart to Heart Counseling Center, Colorado Springs, CO 719.278.3708
  • Pure Desire   Dr. Ted Roberts
  • Forgiven Much Ministries–Training people to do recovery groups in churches.
  •   Michael Leahy  Training parents and church leaders to build and restore sexual integrity
  • New Life Ministries–Steve Arterburn  www.everyman’
  • Route 1520 –recovery groups/4 day intensive for men/online recovery for women impacted by betrayal.
  • Proven Men–12 week study for men.
  • Healing after betryal–Vicki Tiede
  • For Women addicted to porn: Dirty Girl Ministries: Hope, Help, and Healing  for women with porn and sex addiction.
  • FOR PARENTS: Parent Workshop DVD: Unfiltered: Equipping  Parents for an Ongoing Conversation about Internet Pornography