Resource Websites

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Forcefield Online:  This internet accountability system tracks where your kids go on Safari and since Safari cannot be re-moved from I-phones, this can be a good choice.  It gives a daily report of where they have been on Safari, how long they were there, etc.  Shows every picture they take, receive, any apps they add or delete.  This is an excellent resource for a kids who have been exposed to porn regularly.

Covenant Eyes– is an internet accountability and filtering system.  You pay a monthly fee and this system can be placed on all your devices for $14.99 per month.  It encourages integrity and transparency in your home.– This is a website to help parents “porn-proof” their kids.  It is led by the author of the book Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, Kristen A. Jenson.  The site also offers guidance for families whose children have already been hurt by pornography.

Educate and Empower kids is an organization founded by Dina Alexander that provides print resources for parents on talking to kids about Sex and Pornography.  The books are short and easy to read.  They are guides for parents.  You don’t necessarily read them to your kids. has an online recovery program for women impacted by betrayal. offers help, hope, and healing for women with porn, lust, and sex addictions. is a site for women who have men that have betrayed them with their porn addiction.